Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missing to update my Blog..

Assalammualaikum and Hiii

Lama dah mia rasa mia x update blog nii..sory yer kawan-kawan.Anyway ari ni as usuall im off from adelah kesempatan nak update blog kan..hehe.Actually baru-baru ni mia berkesempatan pg jgak tp mia upset coz im forget to bring my b along that day,so xdapatlah mia nak snap pic :( tp xpelah asalakan dapat pg ICT dah pun GuMbIrA~hehehe.Thank to mr bulat (fidz) coz bring me there and provide me with  lovely dinner,walaupun sempat sesat lg di shah alam hehe oops sory ...p/s nnt kita g lg ok pak ali kopitiam.. :)
Semalam suddently felt sad and bersalah sbb wat my friend menangis..sorry to mas, kalo cye tau apa yg berlaku sy takkan antar so sorry ok really regret.Pls dunt u ever crying againt..cye xsuka lah tgk kwn saya menangis :p.Ok

Just Remember: I Care

When you think you're alone
In the middle of the night,
When you've just had an awful dream
And you're shivering with fright,
You lie there alone and scared
And wonder if anyone cares.
If you look into your heart
You'll always find Me there.
Sometimes life is just too hard
And you need to get away.
You need someone to talk to
Who will listen to what you say,
Someone who will let you know
That they'll always be there.
When you can't find anyone
Just remember that I care.
When there is nowhere else to go
You can always come to Me
I promise that I'll be there
In your greatest hour of need.
I'm sure you can find Me
If you take the time for prayer.
When the whole world seems to hate you
Just remember that I care.
To all my friend remember that im always be wth u all until my last breath.Love u all so much guys.To my dear sim poo choo pls do remember im always there when u need me :)


  1. wow.. touching and meaningful...i'm glad u r happy..

  2. hahahah~~thx ya miza~~really glad to hv fren like u guys~~~i m gonna miss u when u r going to SG~~plz cherish the moment we been togather ya~~

  3. sim: hahah my touched... :) take care of urself...