Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Got a clue~

I suddenly feel like writing today. Hehe.. Hmm.. So, yeah, 2010 is over and now marks a new chapter of my life in 2011 which I think I must be more serious in life. No more hanky panky.While listening to music and cleaning my room suddenly, strucked me that-Hey, I'm a grown up now! I was scared upon listening to what I had to do for this coming one and a half year. I guess I'm in a transition state from being a girl with no idea to what life has to offer to a girl with lots of responsibilities ahead of her.

For me, I think this year will be the year where I really need to be extra independent and learn everything so that I am equipped as an adult. I need to start worrying about my financial status and also what I wanna do with my life. Hahaaa I sound like a grown up already! The million dollar question here is, is what I'm feeling here normal? I know most of my readers are all successful and unique in their own way, so I'd really appreciate it if I know that there's nothing for me to worry about.

Hmm..'re so unpredictable! I really have no clue to what it's gonna be like when I turn 23 this year. I just hope whatever I do this year, does not affect my relationship with my family, friends,my love and also my relationship with my body (a.k.a health) Haaa.. That's cause I get these weird major headaches often these days. Huhu...

As for now, I think I'll pen-off now (more like keyboard-off). --I'm still a young girl at heart , I still wanna have fun though (and will never stop)!  Yeahh, I got lots in my head that I wanna do. Just wanna find the perfect companion to do it with :)
Last but not least i hope this year will give me more happiness and cheerful in my life.and to my love Fizrul Shawal thanks a lot coz u always be with me :) Love u always..

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