Monday, November 15, 2010

All aBoUt MySeLf....

Talk bout my life ..
i've simple dimple family , sporting and adorable mummy, my little brother apis..n my baba just past away in 28th of may this year.Basically im staying with my family in JB.

     ~this is mama the one that i love so much~

~during mama graduation day last memory with baba~
                   love u BaBa So MuCh

oklah kan all about my family.ok nw i nak cter pasal kwn-kwan i pulak...erm cmna nak mula yer..ok
i ske b'kwn n who wants 2 be my fren i'll accept u guyz cuz im not demanding yaww ;))
dr kcik ag i de rmai kwn n my life never lonely cuz i hve them .. tengs alOt guyz !!
tym skool dlu2 ktowg ske wat pale klas .. haha .. mmg xleyh lupe gler dat moment ..
lau klas yg bowink gler gerenti tdoe punye .. lau x tdoe un kcau owg laen tdoe .. hah !!
n byk ag lar moment yg xleyh lpe smpai skunk .. lau boley i nk ltak pic tym skool dlu manyak2 lam blog neyh tp sume pic dlu da ilang .. huwaaa ! cdeyh gler ta ingat .. sowy alOt guyz but u alwayz be in my deeply heart =((

ok guys kita smbung esok yer..nak tdor nyte everyone <3

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