Monday, February 7, 2011

Cup Cake...

miss you cupcake.i'm started fall in love with you since i had it at my friend house.
OMG!you're super tasty and yummy.and cheaper too.hahaha..
So i hope u guys will try to have it..mia jamin korg xmenyesal... :)
it name red velvet.the cake very red colour like blood but it's 
okay because it's very tasty.

chocolate!that favorite.i eat you 2 times right.because 
i love the cherry top of you very sweet. very yummy.the cake also have a piece of oreo.

my unfavorite chocolate chip.i forgot how it taste.haha
napolitan cake pun nmpk sdp but xrasa lg...yummy :)
p/s: so if you guys very attractive with those cupcake you can see it or maybe you want to order this their blog .i guarantee that you will make order again same as me.
salam ukhwah :)

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